Saturday, August 8, 2015

Holy Simoly Soire Dining recolor

Here is a set I've had for awhile but never uploaded to BPS. Holy Simoly Soire dining with a few extras. Edge of Reason dresser fixed by Tinkle, Steffors Pink Escape hanging lamp and Anna's PB tropical rug.

Download it here at Sim Pearls !! 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Jope's Livingroom 9 Recolor

I love Simply Styling ! They have wonderful things for your Sims. Go see them soon ! 

Download my recolor here. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Anye's Callis Living

Finally ! I did another recolor :) I love this set and wanted a few different colors so here they are !
You can download these files at Simpearls !

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

This was my very first recolor ! I learned so much from the creators at Black Pearl Sims. I owe them much thanks ! Ohbehave's set can be found here. I didn't recolor the whole set only what was required in the Recolor challenge.
I also used MysticRain's Earth Living Pillow here I have a slight obsession with those pillows !

                                             Angela's Lounge Recolor 

This was a "Recolor It" challenge at BPS May 2013. I copied the file information for the meshes.

- Kia Bench by Buggybooz
- Hall table by Pocci
- Lamp by MysticRain
- Oval picture by Hannie18
- Sheer curtain by Pocci*

*To recolor this mesh, you need to use the "MasterMesh for recoloring purposes only" that Pocci made. Do not put that file in your downloads, but only the original master mesh, the slaves and of course the recolor(s). See this post for an explanation by Pocci

                                   Recolor It Challenge May 2013

Hi everyone ! I downloaded this set awhile ago and decided to recolor it. Hope you enjoy ! Angela's mesh can be found here. Reflective Dining.

                                    Angela's Reflective Dining Recolor

I know sports might not everyone's thing but we're sports nuts here. I made these pillows for myself and thought someone else might like them. I used Mystic's Earthliving Pillow mesh here. The mesh is included.

                         Mystic's Earthliving Pillow Recolor - NFL